The 1 Thing You Need To Get Every Headline Clicked On In 2014

Just make it intriguing and beneficial.

Pretty fucking mind blowing isn’t it.

Not when you ask yourself – How many headlines did I create in 2013?

The answer to that question read by 99% of this post will likely be – Not enough.

Good, now you know what to do. You also know you can’t make any waves if you don’t jump in the water.

Forget Google, SEO, Facebook, or whatever lame “content + inbound marketing” tactic you are trying these days.

Free yourself from the Fear prison. Open up to the world and tell them some shit you’ve learned that can help them.

THEN share it with your people.

If you’re true and the shit works, eventually you will have users. Then customers. Then referrals. Then a cult.

And on and on with the good stuff you go. But GO begins with START.

To Your Success,


Pay It Forward Thanks!


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